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Рак гортани
1. Преимущества лечения за рубежом

1. Benefits of treatment abroad

The main procedure in CIS clinics is partial or complete removal of the larynx with vocal cords. Therefore, in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, only 4 out of 10 patients retain their voice.

For the treatment of throat cancer in Turkey, doctors perform low-traumatic laser surgeries that do not affect the quality of the voice. To avoid surgery for large tumors, 

interventions for large tumors,  foreign doctors resort to chemistry, targeted therapy and radiation. If the operation is required, doctors remove the organ, followed by its reconstruction. Therefore, 7 out of 10 patients retain their voice abroad.

2. Throat cancer: what are the diagnostic methods?

Throat cancer diagnostics can include the following procedures:

  • Laryngoscopy

Visual examination of the larynx. Doctors perform the procedure using a flexible tube with a flashlight or a special mirror.

  • Biopsy

Collection of tumor tissue for laboratory research.

  • Histology and immunohistochemistry of the neoplasm

Tumor tissue analyzes. Its malignancy is determined, genetic mutations are detected and the effectiveness of drug treatment is predicted.

  • CT scan

Helps to determine the localization, size of the neoplasm and its growth into adjacent tissues.

  • MRI

Reveals the spread of the tumor to the organs of the neck.

  • Chest x-ray

Determines the presence of metastases in the lungs.

  • Positron Emission Computed Tomography (PET-CT)

Identifies distant metastases throughout the body.


3. Throat cancer: treatments

1. Surgery

  • Laser microsurgery

This is the removal of the tumor through the mouth using a laser. Doctors prescribe this intervention early.

Advantages: the procedure preserves the voice and leaves no visible traces of interference.

Disadvantages: Large tumors cannot be removed with laser microsurgery.

  • Laryngectomy

This is the excision of part of the larynx or the entire organ with the vocal cords. The amount of intervention depends on the size of the neoplasm.

Benefits: During surgery, doctors remove large tumors.

Disadvantages: After laryngectomy, the patient partially or completely loses his voice.


2. Radiation therapy

Types of radiation therapy for laryngeal cancer:

  • therapeutic - destroys small neoplasms without surgery;

  • adjuvant - destroys cancer cells that remain after surgery, and prevents relapse;

  • palliative - reduces symptoms in the last stages.


3. Chemotherapy

Types of chemistry for throat cancer:

  • neoadjuvant - reduces the tumor before surgery and radiation;

  • adjuvant - destroys pathological cells that remain after surgery;

  • palliative - improves the quality of life in the later stages.


4. Advanced treatments for laryngeal cancer

If the previous treatment is ineffective or relapses, doctors prescribe targeted drugs. They purposefully act on pathological cells, stop their growth and division.

Targeted therapy is indicated for patients with a genetic mutation of the neoplasm. Doctors identify it with a laboratory study of the tumor.

5. Life after laryngeal cancer

Voice recovery

With partial dysfunction of the vocal cords, speech therapists work with patients. After a complete loss of voice, doctors perform a tracheoesophageal puncture. They create openings in the trachea and esophagus, connect them with a valve. After that, air can flow from the lungs into the mouth, making sounds.

In case of contraindications to tracheoesophageal puncture, patients use devices that form a voice. They read the movements of the lips and translate them into sounds.

Swallowing recovery

To restore the swallowing function after surgery and therapy, patients attend consultations with a nutritionist and a rehabilitation therapist. The dietitian adjusts the diet, and the rehabilitation therapist conducts workouts that develop the desired group of neck muscles.

Smell recovery

Experts restore the sense of smell with the help of breathing exercises.

6. Patient questions

  • Is it possible to keep the voice after treatment for cancer of the vocal cords and larynx?

It depends on the size and location of the tumor. If they allow not to remove the organ, the voice will be preserved in whole or in part. If the patient is shown a complete removal of the throat and ligaments, specialists restore the voice with the help of special training, surgery and devices that generate sounds.

  • How to cure stage 4 laryngeal cancer?

At stage 4, doctors use surgery, chemistry, radiation and targeted drugs. They select the most effective method of treatment based on the results of a comprehensive diagnosis of laryngeal cancer.

7. Organization of treatment abroad

To organize throat cancer treatment abroad, leave a request on the Medikal & Estetik Group website. You will be contacted by a specialized doctor-coordinator who will help you choose the best medical center. Send him your medical records, he will redirect them to the hospital of your choice and request a treatment program.

We will help you organize your trip and stay in touch with you throughout your treatment - from the moment you contact us and even after you return home.

Medikal & Estetik Group is an independent medical service that does not represent the interests of any of the clinics. Patients do not pay for our services - medical centers do it.

Doctors-coordinators will advise you and help you with the choice. Medikal & Estetik Group services are free of charge for you and do not affect your clinic bill.

2. Рак горла: какие есть методы диагностики?
3. Рак горла: методы лечения
4. Передовые методы лечения рака гортани
5. Жизнь после рака гортани
6. Вопросы пациентов
7. Организация лечения за границей



  • Biopsy for laryngeal cancer from $ 450

  • CT (computed tomography) for laryngeal cancer from $ 50

  • PET / CT for laryngeal cancer from $ 500

  • Chemotherapy for laryngeal cancer on request

  • Laser surgery for laryngeal cancer  on request

  • Radiation therapy for laryngeal cancer  on request

  • Laryngeal cancer surgery from $ 10240

Oncologist's second opinion

Before traveling, you can get a Turkish doctor's opinion on your diagnosis and treatment prescribed. For the patient, this is an opportunity to receive advice from the world's best specialists.

To learn more, click here

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