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The main thing about cancer treatment in Turkey

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Cancer treatment is a priority in the development of medicine in most clinics in Turkey. Turkey has already made impressive progress in this area, and continues to move towards becoming the world's best cancer control. Survival rates after the end of cancer treatment in Turkey have already exceeded those in Israel and Germany.


For the diagnosis of cancer from stage 0 to 4, clinics in Turkey are equipped with the most innovative technologies and equipment, namely:

  • when diagnosing and treating, they follow established international protocols;

  • diagnostic plans and therapy protocols in Turkey are fully consistent with the principles of precision medicine (personalization, participation, forecasting);

  • 42 medical institutions of the country are accredited by JCI, their certificate is recognized as the most prestigious in the world;

  • Turkey is one of the 5 countries with the largest amount of the latest generation of medical equipment;

  • in private medical centers in Turkey, all the necessary methods of therapy are available for oncology, as well as for organ transplants and bone marrow transplants;

  • world-famous medical centers cooperate with Turkish ones in the direction of cancer treatment (Johns Hopkins Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Anderson Cancer Center, etc.).

  • Turkish specialists regularly improve their knowledge at international conferences, seminars, symposia dedicated to the fight against cancer, held in the United States and Europe;

  • in Turkish hospitals the most reasonable prices, in comparison with EU clinics, are 40% lower, but the level of medical services is on a par with leading countries.

Summarizing the above, we can safely guarantee that Turkey has all the ingredients for effective cancer treatment, from experienced doctors with international practice and education to equipping clinics with the latest innovations in the field of medicine and safe equipment.


  • CT (computed tomography) is the gold standard for recognizing the type of tumors;

  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) provides high-resolution 3D images. It is also used in operations to improve the accuracy of the intervention;

  • the program of treatment and prognosis in oncology is based on the biopsy of the tumor tissue;

  • the time for the entire examination takes 1-2 days, and the results are obtained in 3. A consultation (a group of experienced doctors of different specializations) is involved in making the diagnosis.



Among the oncological areas, patients often go to Turkey for treatment:

  • breast cancer;

  • adenocarcinoma of the stomach;

  • prostate cancer;

  • bladder tumors;

  • lung cancer;

  • melanoma;

  • liver cancer;

  • meningiomas;

  • kidney cancer;

  • astrocytomas;

  • for a bone marrow transplant, which is required for patients with acute or chronic leukemia, lymphoma, lymphocytic leukemia and other blood disorders.


Reasons for choosing Turkey for bone marrow transplant:

  • Turkish clinics have access to the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide (BMDW). This enables the patient to find a suitable donor faster;

  • in Turkey, autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplants from a related or unrelated donor are practiced;

  • the cost of transplantation in Turkey is 2-3 times cheaper than in Europe and the USA. The price of bone marrow transplant in Turkey is indicated at the end of the article;

  • after transplantation, the patient is placed in specialized sterile boxes, protected from the penetration of any infections. The wards are equipped with special HEPA filters, which significantly reduces the risk of complications;

  • in the first 3 months after transplantation, the patient is under medical supervision. In the event of a new bone marrow rejection, the transplant team will provide the necessary assistance.

The success rate of bone marrow transplant in Turkey is over 94%.


  • TrueBeam Varian / Elekta / STx

Linear accelerator of the latest generation used to irradiate tumors. The use of TrueBeam cuts the treatment time in half. Radiation is directed locally to the tumor with millimeter precision. In this regard, side effects are minimized. The procedure does not require anesthesia, as the radiation is absolutely painless.

  • CyberKnife Robotic System

A unique device in the world for non-invasive treatment of tumors anywhere using high doses of radiation. CyberKnife imaging software delivers ultra-precise target doses and automatically adjusts to tumor movement.

  • Da Vinci robotic system

Doctors, controlling the Robot, carry out low-traumatic operations through several incisions. This system is equipped with a video camera and delicate instruments that make incisions with millimeter precision, unlike human hands. Thanks to this, the operations are carried out without complications. After robotic surgery, the patient recovers faster and, in most cases, retains the functionality of the organ.

  • Gamma Knife Elekta

This radiosurgical unit is used to treat brain tumors. The irradiation accuracy with the Gamma Knife Elekta system is 0.15 mm, which is six times the standard for existing systems. The safety of using the Gamma Knife is enhanced by the Cone Beam CT imaging. Due to this, the irradiation is stopped or reduced when healthy tissue hits the target.


Innovative technologies and methods are applied in the treatment of cancer for any stage and type. In Turkey, special attention is paid to the use of modern methods of oncological therapy, which show high efficiency in cancer treatment and safety for patients. Namely:

  • targeted therapy, that is, the treatment of cancer with targeted drugs that have a point effect on a malignant neoplasm;

  • tomotherapy, which destroys tumors using layer-by-layer radiation;

  • immunotherapy is the treatment of oncology with medications that activate the patient's immunity and help the immune system to destroy cancer cells. Originals of proven and effective drugs are available (Keytrudy, Opdivo, Tukisa);

  • HIFU therapy is a high-intensity focused ultrasound used to treat prostate cancer. It is an alternative to radiotherapy with the least side effects.



In Turkey, there are a huge number of cases when clinics accepted hopeless patients for treatment and helped them. The patients showed significant tumor shrinkage and improved.


For children, special, more gentle treatment protocols are being developed. Pediatric bone marrow transplant in Turkey has a 92% success rate. Turkish clinics cooperate with foundations that help raise money for the treatment of children.

Children with the following oncological diagnoses are more often brought to Turkish clinics for treatment:

  • Ewing's sarcoma;

  • nephroblastoma;

  • Hodgkin's lymphoma;

  • retinoblastoma;

  • neuroblastoma.


These children need inexpensive and safe chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Turkish doctors have extensive experience in bone marrow transplantation for children. For example, in 2017 alone, more than 2,600 successful pediatric bone marrow transplants were performed across Turkey.


  • Professor Fatih Ağalar is a world-renowned oncological surgeon who has been dealing with oncology and hematology oncology for over 20 years. Specializes in Da Vinci robotic surgery. Dr. Ağalar practices at the LIV HOSPITAL .

  • Professor Derya Balbay is a renowned oncological urologist and specialist in surgery Da Vinci. Practicing at the MEMORIAL clinic. The total experience is over 32 years.

  • Associate Professor Ahu Birol has specialized in skin cancer for over 29 years. Works as an oncodermatologist at the MEMORIAL clinic. Prior to that, she studied in the USA.

  • Professor Nejdet Husein is an ESMO certified hematologist who participated in the first bone marrow transplant in Turkey.

  • Professor Tunç Fışgın is an outstanding pediatric hematologist with 25 years of experience. He accepts patients at the MEDIKAL PARK clinic



The ranking of Turkish hospitals is based on the presence of strong oncology departments and the number of good patient reviews. The survival rate of cancer patients in these hospitals is slightly higher than in other clinics in Turkey.



Oncology treatment in Turkey is much more budgetary than in other EU countries. The same chemotherapy in Turkey will cost $ 1,000, while in Israel a patient will pay $ 2,000-2,500 for a course.


The prices of oncology treatment in Turkey are from 25% to 50% lower in comparison with Germany, England, Israel and the USA. The cost of the oncological therapy program consists of the selected methods of dealing with pathology, the experience of the specialists conducting the treatment, as well as the pricing policy of the clinic. The average cost of treating malignant neoplasms in Turkish medical centers is:

  • Consultation with an oncologist from $ 115;

  • Prostatectomy from $ 12,000;

  • Esophagectomy (surgical removal of esophageal cancer) from $ 13,400;

  • Chemotherapy from $ 1,000;

  • Targeted therapy from $ 2,000;

  • Immunotherapy from $ 1,800.




We offer an example of a service and its price. A consultation of doctors draws up a personal program for each patient. It may include other analyzes or another type of surgery. Treatment is selected so that it does not harm healthy human organs. For this, not only the peculiarities of the course of oncology are taken into account, but also the state of health in general, the patient's medical history.


Cancer Check-up from $ 3 600

  • Consultation with an oncologist

  • Complete blood count and tumor marker test

  • CT of the lungs

  • Abdominal MRI

  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

  • Mammography / PSA test


Radiosurgery at the LIV HOSPITAL clinic from $ 6 400

  • Consultation with a radiologist

  • Fixing vest or mask

  • 1 session of CyberKnife irradiation

  • 2 places of irradiation


Radical bladder resection (with reconstruction) at KOÇ UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL from $ 15,000

  • Consultation with an oncologist

  • Open surgery to remove the bladder

  • Restoration of the urinary tract

  • 7 days in the hospital


Mastectomy at MEDIKAL PARK from $ 8,000

  • Consultation with an oncologist and mammologist

  • Complete breast removal

  • 3 days in the hospital

  • Medicines and special linen


The advanced computer software, which the unit is equipped with, makes it possible to monitor the location and borders of the tumor in real time with high accuracy. At the slightest movement of the patient, the direction of radiation is automatically corrected.

This is especially important when malignant tumors, such as lung cancer, change their position during breathing.

In addition, the patient does not need rigid fixation, which significantly increases the comfort of the procedure.

This system has made it possible to obtain good results in the treatment of prostate cancer, liver cancer, metastases of various localization, head and neck cancer. In addition, it has shown high efficiency in brain radiosurgery.

The Radiotherapy Unit of Turkish Medical Centers is planning to sign an agreement with the manufacturer Accuray and become an official training center for the use of the Cyberknife device.

Varian Edge ™


This robotic computer system is based on TrueBeam technology. It is unique in that it combines the capabilities of stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

Thanks to this, the capabilities of the system have expanded significantly. It is able to effectively fight tumors of various sizes and localizations, which often cannot be operated on or cannot be treated with traditional methods.


Varian Edge ™ quickly and accurately transmits radiation to the desired point. The radius of action is less than 1 mm, which allows for maximum precision. The system adjusts the radiation dose, adjusting to the displacement of the tumor during breathing or micromovements of the patient.

As a result, the beam affects only cancer cells without affecting neighboring healthy tissues. The side effects of radiation are minimized.

Accuray Radixact® System

This is the latest device for tomotherapy (TomoTherapy), which allows the treatment of a wide range of oncological diseases without size restrictions, including volumetric neoplasms in breast cancer, craniospinal tumors, bone metastases.

Its significant advantage over other similar devices is the ability to conduct radiation therapy to the whole body, which is especially important for cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

This latest generation machine is faster and easier to use.


The Radixact Accuray system is equipped with a tomograph, which makes it possible to obtain a clear image of the neoplasm in real time and make corrections based on changes in the shape, size and location of the tumor.

Radiotherapy is a very important part of cancer treatment. The director of the radiotherapy department in one of the medical centers in Turkey, Professor Hal Bashak Chalar, says:


“We chose the Radixact device because it has unique technical features that will help us deliver cancer treatments even more effectively. This robotic system is able to connect to the digital support of the CyberKnife M6, which gives us more options in the fight against cancer. If necessary, we can combine both devices or exchange one device for the other, depending on the patient's needs, thus providing a more personalized treatment. ”

13. The value of modern technologies for the treatment of cancer

The use of modern equipment and technologies in medical centers in Turkey allows for treatment by methods of stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery on an outpatient basis.

These techniques:

  • do not require surgery and anesthesia;

  • painless;

  • are not accompanied by serious side effects (nausea, vomiting);

  • do not imply long-term rehabilitation.


In contrast to traditional methods of radiation exposure, after the procedure, only small short-term symptoms may appear, which differ from case to case.


Need help?

To organize cancer treatment in Turkey, leave a request on the website  Medikal & Estetik Group . You will be contacted by a specialized doctor-coordinator who will help you choose the best medical center. Send him your medical records, he will redirect them to the hospital of your choice and request a treatment program.

We will help you organize your trip and stay in touch with you throughout your treatment - from the moment you contact us and even after you return home.

Medikal & Estetik Group is an independent medical service that does not represent the interests of any of the clinics. Patients do not pay for our services - medical centers do it.

Doctors-coordinators will advise you and help you with the choice. Medikal & Estetik Group services are free of charge for you and do not affect the clinic bill.

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