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Question-answer about treatment in Turkey

1. What language does the Turkish medical staff speak?

All medical records, as well as dialogues, are conducted primarily in Turkish. But most of the specialists are fluent in one or more foreign languages. Doctors receive education and internships in medical centers in the US and EU countries, so they most often speak English or German. Unfortunately, it is rare to find a specialist who speaks Russian. In large medical centers, it is possible to provide a free interpreter service, which makes communication between the patient and the doctor simple and as clear as possible. Most often, translators are available from Turkish into English, Arabic, Russian, Bulgarian, Georgian. In some large medical institutions it is possible to translate into Farsi, Uzbek, Macedonian, Serbian,

Albanian languages.


2. Do I need a translation of the medical documentation into Turkish?

Often, translation into Turkish is not required, since this service will be handled by your coordinators from Medikal & Estetik Group, or translators at clinics, therefore it is possible to review extracts and test results in Russian or English. Some clinics accept documents in Arabic, Georgian or Bulgarian, but the likelihood of translation of extracts into these languages needs to be clarified. Only printed format of documents is accepted as medical documents. In individual cases, there may be a need for translation of documents, as well as their notarization of statements, marriage certificates, medical documents for state commissions, for example, for organ and tissue transplants, in vitro fertilization marriage).


3. Where to stay during treatment / diagnosis / plastic surgery?

Diagnostics takes place without hospitalization of the patient, with the exception of the serious condition of the patient or with hourly hospitalization, for example, for examinations with the introduction of the patient into medication sleep. In surgical interventions or in cases of emergency care, treatment is carried out on the basis of an inpatient hospital with hourly hospitalization, for example, for radiation or chemotherapy. For patients and accompanying persons, a huge selection of accommodation options is offered, which are represented by large chain or non-chain hotels of 3, 4, 5 stars, guest houses from medical centers or rented apartments. Accommodation is booked by the patient independently or with the help of the host, coordinators from Medikal & Estetik Group. Accommodation options are offered within walking distance to the medical center at discounted prices due to the availability of special agreements with the owners of hotels and real estate for the accommodation of patients. When a patient is hospitalized in a standard ward, in most cases one accompanying person is provided.


4. Do I need a deposit before starting treatment at the clinic?

Payment is made before the start of the diagnosis or treatment upon the arrival of the patient at the hospital and after the conclusion of the contract. If the patient wishes, the financial department of the hospital provides an invoice for remote payment for medical services, that is, it is possible to pay by bank transfer. Nevertheless, the clinic reserves the right to issue a deposit invoice to the patient in case of complex medical cases with a serious patient's condition and high risks.


5. Is a discount possible?

The issue of discounts can be discussed directly upon arrival at the clinic and undergoing preliminary diagnostics, or it can be clarified through the coordinators of Medikal & Estetik Group. After receiving the diagnostic results, the doctors finally approve the patient's therapy tactics. Discounts are provided solely for internal reasons of the management of a particular medical center. In Turkey, it is not uncommon to conduct promotional medical programs for diagnostics or for complex package medical services, for example, for hair transplant packages, IVF, plastic surgical and aesthetic procedures at reduced prices or even with accommodation included.


6. Estimated cost of treatment packages in Turkey

Thanks to the country's health policy, diagnostics, oncology treatment, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, transplantation and rehabilitation in centers with international accreditation will cost 20-60% less than in other EU clinics. This country has been number 1 in terms of price-quality ratio for about 10 years already, very often only in Turkey it is possible to receive medical care that is unique in its effectiveness at a reasonable cost.

In Turkish clinics, "all inclusive" packages are widespread, which include from a doctor's consultation to medicines and hotel accommodation. The cost of treatment in Turkey depends on the complexity of the patient's disease, the choice of the clinic, the qualifications of the attending doctor, the types and number of necessary diagnostic procedures and methods of therapy.


7. Indicative EXAMPLES of cost packages

1. Infertility treatment and IVF at Memorial from $ 3,700:

  • Ovarian stimulation

  • Follicle puncture

  • Oocyte fertilization

  • Embryo cultivation

2. One chemotherapy at Medipol Hospital from $ 1,700:

  • check mark icon oncologist consultation

  • Medication

  • Companion therapy for side effects

  • European protocols program

3. Replacement of the knee joint at the Orthopedic CenterLiv Hospital from $ 15,000:

  • Preoperative physiotherapy

  • 2-hour open operation

  • Zimmer / Johnson & Johnson prosthesis

  • 2 days in the hospital

The treatment protocol is drawn up personally, taking into account the patient's current state of health, in this regard, additional procedures may be prescribed.



1. Replacing the TAVI heart valve:

USA from $ 150,000

Germany from € 27,000

Israel from $ 30,000

Turkey from $ 17,000


2. Allogeneic BMT from an unrelated donor:

Spain from € 180,000

Germany from € 250,000

Israel from $ 150,000

Turkey from $ 95,000

3. Deep brain stimulation for epilepsy:

Spain from € 43,000

Germany from € 50,000

Israel from $ 40,000

Turkey from $ 28,000


4. Radiotherapy for prostate cancer:

Spain from € 7,500

Germany from € 8,000

Israel from $ 9,000

Turkey from $ 3,000

5. Replacement of the hip joint:

Spain from € 16,900

Germany from € 16 800

Israel from $ 15,000

Turkey from $ 7 800

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