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1. What is worth knowing about gastric cancer treatment?

  • The main method of treating the disease at stages 1-3 in the absence of metastases is surgery. In clinics of international level, doctors perform interventions with low-traumatic methods - using a laparoscope or a Da Vinci robot through small incisions up to 2 cm and a traditional open one through an incision up to 15 cm. The choice of technique depends on the size of the neoplasm.

  • International clinics accept patients even with stage 4 stomach cancer. They are prescribed chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy. For multiple abdominal metastases (peritoneal carcinomatosis), doctors give HIPEC hot chemotherapy, which improves 5-year survival, according to the Cancer Network. After surgery without intraperitoneal chemotherapy, 6 out of 100 people survive the turn of 5 years, 3. For comparison, after tumor removal and HIPEC, 20 out of 100 patients survive the turn of 5 years, and 15 recover.

Where is stomach cancer treated? ➨ Medikal & Estetik Group has gathered clinics throughout Turkey that specialize in the treatment of stomach cancer. The rating is formed based on the choice of our patients. Leave a request on the site to receive detailed advice on the issues of interest to you and the cost of procedures. Our medical coordinator will help you choose the best option for your case and will organize your trip as soon as possible. You do not pay for Medikal & Estetik Group services.

2. What is the advantage of treating stomach cancer in Turkey?

Doctors of leading foreign hospitals use all the methods that are included in the international protocol for the treatment of stomach cancer: surgery, immuno-, chemo-, radiation and targeted therapy. Therefore, patients receive the treatment that is most effective in their case, and not the only one possible.

3. How to choose a clinic for the treatment of stomach cancer and make an appointment?

Leave a request on our website, and the coordinating doctor of Medikal & Estetik Group will contact you, who will help you choose the best clinic in your case. He will send your documents to the hospital, receive a treatment program and arrange a consultation.

From the moment of your request and throughout the entire treatment, we will coordinate you.

If necessary, our care department helps patients with the selection of the best-priced tickets and convenient accommodation. Learn more about this from the medical coordinator of Medikal & Estetik Group.

Medikal & Estetik Group is an independent medical service that does not represent the interests of specific clinics. Patients do not pay for our services.

Hospitals provide their patients with transfer and translation services. Whether your chosen medical center charges an additional fee, check with the coordinating physician of Medikal & Estetik Group.

The accompanying person will live in the same room with the patient or in a hotel located next to the medical center. It depends on the clinic.

1. Что стоит знать о лечении рака желудка?
2. В чем преимущество лечения рака желудка за границей?
3. Как выбрать клинику для лечения рака желудка и записаться на консультацию?
4. Какие существуют методы диагностики рака желудка?
Рак желудка

4. What are the methods for diagnosing stomach cancer?

Methods for diagnosing stomach cancer:

  • A blood test with a test for tumor markers. Shows deviations from the norm in its composition and substances characteristic of stomach cancer.

  • Gastroscopy with biopsy - visual diagnosis of the stomach and collection of affected tissues for analysis.

  • CT. Helps to establish the size, localization of the neoplasm.

  • Tumor histology and immunohistochemistry. Allow

5. Какие методы применяют врачи для лечения рака желудка за рубежом?
  • determine the malignancy of the neoplasm and choose a medicine for therapy.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). With its help, doctors determine the prevalence of the pathological process in the abdominal cavity.

  • Positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT). Shows the presence of secondary neoplasms throughout the body.


5. What methods are used by doctors to treat stomach cancer abroad?

1. Surgery for stomach cancer

Specialists carry out surgical treatment of stomach cancer for people with stages 1-3 of the pathology. Types of interventions:

  • endoscopic submucosal dissection - removal of a tumor that is located in the mucous membrane. Doctors perform the procedure with an endoscope without any incisions on the body;

  • resection - excision of a part of the stomach. Surgeons perform a resection if the tumor is in the lower part of the organ;

  • gastrectomy - removal of the entire stomach. Intervention is indicated if the neoplasm is localized in the upper part of the stomach or has spread throughout the organ.


2. Radiation therapy (radiotherapy)

To reduce the amount of intervention, doctors perform preoperative radiation.


Postoperative radiotherapy destroys the remaining abnormal cells. In stage 4 of the disease, therapy relieves symptoms.

3. Chemotherapy to treat stomach cancer

To shrink the tumor, oncologists prescribe preoperative chemotherapy. Medical treatment for stomach cancer after surgery destroys the remaining abnormal cells and prevents relapse. In advanced stages of stomach cancer, taking chemotherapy drugs improves the quality of life.

4. Intraperitoneal hot chemotherapy HIPEC

Hot chemistry is indicated for patients with an inoperable tumor that has spread to the abdominal organs.

During HIPEC, doctors use a heated concentrated preparation. Due to the high temperature, it penetrates deeper into organ tissues and destroys more malignant cells than traditional chemistry.

5. Targeted therapy

Targeted drugs block the growth and division of abnormal cells. Such treatment is indicated if the analysis showed a genetic mutation in the tumor.

6. Immunotherapy

If the treatment does not work, oncologists prescribe drug immunotherapy  Keytruda . It helps the body distinguish malignant cells from healthy ones and destroy them on its own.


  • Comprehensive diagnostics for stomach cancer from $ 2499

  • Biopsy for stomach cancer from $ 450

  • CT (computed tomography) for stomach cancer from $ 50

  • PET-CT for stomach cancer from $ 500

  • Immunotherapy with Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) for stomach cancer from $ 3300

  • Da Vinci robotic system for stomach cancer from $ 16,000

  • Gamma Knife for stomach cancer from $ 6000

  • Intraperitoneal chemotherapy HIPEC for stomach cancer from $ 20,000

  • Nano Knife for Stomach Cancer from $ 12000

  • Radiation therapy for stomach cancer from $ 8500

  • Stomach cancer surgery from $ 5000

  • Stomach resection for gastric cancer from $ 5000

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